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Student Testimonials

See How Lynne Has Been Serving and Uplifting Student Voices Across MCPS!

Lynnternship Onboarding Meeting 2023.JPG
The Lynneternship Onboarding Meeting in 2023, which currently includes 150 student activists from all over the county!

Click on the PDF to see some of the work the dedicated students of the Lynneternship have accomplished!

Internship Whitepapers

The Lynne Harris Internship (or Lynneternship!) has done extensive work over the past few years! In addition to getting students involved with the Montgomery County BOE, planning advocacy events, and testifying before Board members, the Lynnternship has also done work to reform Maryland Education laws and improve the lives of students!

Policy Discourse

Lynne engaging with student activists about the pressing issues facing youth in MCPS including climate action, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, and school safety and the steps to take to address these issues!


Lynne attending one of her student shadow days, in which she visits different schools with a student guide!


Community Service

Lynne giving a talk at a civic engagement summer camp session with former YCC (Youth Creating Change) leaders about the importance of involvement in the community and building relationships with youth of all backgrounds! 

Hear from current students about the impact Lynne has had on them and what they've gained from the experience!
"Lynne has encouraged me to embrace an active role in my community and use my voice to create meaningful change. She is without a doubt the most active Board member I have ever met. I would not be where I was today without her"

Arhaat Saxena, Grade 10

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