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I'm passionate, qualified and ready to make a difference. I’ve spent thousands of hours over a decade working to support and empower students and families all across Montgomery County to speak to the issues they care about. I deeply believe that everyone in our school communities – families, students, teachers, staff – know things about our schools and how we’re serving students that others don’t. Constructively and substantively ensuring that all voices are at the table is essential for MCPS to make the best possible decisions.


STUDENTS! I am a believer in the transformative power of public education. Educating the next generation is how we pay it forward to make sure we continue to evolve and do better as a society.  Seeing the power and passion of our students speaking substantively to the issues affecting their future gives me hope.  MCPS should celebrate the enormously talented students coming through our school system. Since 2021 I've had a Student Issue Team consisting of more than 150 students from all across MCPS. Working with and supporting their energy and advocacy I know our students are smart, engaged and true believers in equity and inclusion. Give them an issue and they can brainstorm a savvy, relevant and effective solution in 15 minutes.  Acknowledging and incorporating the wisdom of our students in the work of our schools is essential, and plain common sense.


Respect, common sense and civility - let's start and always end right there. As President of MCCPTA, working with MCPS and a wide array of other agencies,  my priority was ensuring that we always worked together as thoughtful, constructive, reliable partners. I also believe in "building the bench," encouraging a diverse group of people to share their time, talent and expertise to make our county and our schools better for all of us. I love empowering people to make a difference by giving them the tools they need to speak to the issues they care about, and I carried that belief substantively into my service on the Board of Education.  

"I love empowering people to make a difference by giving them the tools they need to speak to the issues they care about." 


I grew up in a small town in Kansas. The entire K-12 enrollment of my  school district was smaller than any MCPS high school.  I moved to Montgomery County in 1991 to take my first job out of law school.  Almost 30 years -- and four careers! -- later, I am working with students in the nation's 14th largest school district. I'm continually amazed by the complexity and capability of MCPS and our students, and it all began when, like so many parents, I started volunteering with the PTA  as soon as my son started elementary school.  I saw the power of students, teachers, administrators and staff working together to solve problems and drive change.


It all started with the PTA! When my son entered kindergarten at Highland View Elementary School, I began going to PTA meetings. Highland View’s principal at the time, Anne Dardarian, created a great and inclusive culture that made clear that she viewed the PTA not as a nice thing to have, but as an essential part of the life of the school. Pretty quickly the PTA tapped my nursing and public health background to serve as Health and Wellness Coordinator, and I later served as PTA President and later, Membership Co-chair.


Serving as a PTA President led me to MCCPTA, where I started learning about, and speaking to, school system issues outside my own school and Cluster.  Two years later, I found my footing as MCCPTA VP of Advocacy, a role that for three years really coalesced all of my skills and experience, and provided a great opportunity for me to pursue my passion. That experience gave me an incredible appreciation for how much value the knowledge and experience of students, families, teachers and school communities adds to the decision-making processes within MCPS. Each of those groups knows things about our schools and school system that the others don’t, and I am firmly convinced that the BEST decisions are made when all of those uniquely wise voices are heard.

Even more important, as the current At-large Board member, I have continued to listen to and learn from all of those voices. I don't know what I don't know - and the input of those who live it every day are invaluable. I continue to be a firm advocate for a school system that values windows and mirrors - ensuring every student sees themselves and their experiences reflected in what they learn, but also gains an understanding of the experiences of those with different realities. I continuously connect with students through my Student Internship. This internship is run by the students, for the students. Supporting the work, and learning from the experience of this diverse group of students from all across the county has fueled my work at the Board table and beyond. 

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