Virtual-Only Learning: What We DON'T Know?


MCPS announced today that the district will provide "virtual-only learning" for all students for the first semester, until at least late January. While this provides some certainty for families and students when school begins in 6 weeks, many questions remain:

How will MCPS support our most vulnerable students - those with special needs, and ESL learners - who need one-on-one instruction?

How will the unique needs of CTE students be met in a virtual classroom? I'm a CTE teacher. My nursing students need hands-on learning to be certified. How will MCPS guarantee students the career education we've promised?

And: what will virtual learning look like for everyone else?

Engagement and transparency are critical as these decisions are being made. Who's at the table? Student groups were consulted, but how many students are on the Recovery Teams weighing in on this ever-changing situation? Student voice matters!

Above all, MCPS must be guided by the science. As a public health professional I know the critical importance of data driving decisions. MCPS has pledged that there will be no return to school buildings until state and local health officials deem it safe. That's the right call.

When you elect me to the Board of Education in November, I'll wear all these hats at the table - teacher, nurse, public health expert - as we continue to navigate what's best, and what's SAFE, for our students, teachers and families.

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