Things to do this weekend to get ready for school Monday

Here are a few things you can do this weekend to get your child ready for virtual learning Monday (from a teacher):

- LOG IN: Make sure your child has an myMCPS "StudentVue" login and password. You should have received an email, but it's the same as last year's. It's different than your "ParentVUE" login. Didn't get either? Contact your school ASAP Monday morning. Practice logging in with younger students. You may already have welcome messages from your teachers!

- KNOW YOUR SCHOOL'S SCHEDULE: Review it with your child. If you didn't get an email, check the school website.

- GOT YOUR CHROMEBOOK? If not, ask early on Monday when you can pick it up. They're still at school.

- FIND SPACE: Carve out a space in your home for learning. It doesn't have to be big. Just somewhere you'll go every day when school starts and leave when school ends. NOT the laptop in bed, high schoolers! This is REAL school! :)

- MAKE A MEAL PICKUP PLAN: 74 schools are distributing breakfast and lunch starting at 11am Monday. Find your closest site and make a pickup plan. Can your child walk there during the lunch break and get back in time for afternoon classes? If not, is there a site near work where you can pick up their meals for the next day? Can a friend, relative, older student or neighbor who can pick up for your child? You'll need their student ID, or the barcode that MCPS mailed to you. [MCPS is working on an easier way to deliver meals, but this is what we have as of Monday.]

- LEARN: Parents: read up on how and when teachers will record your child in class. Learn how to report your child absent. Watch a video on how to use the parent portal - in English and Spanish. Get tips on virtual learning. See how it worked for two schools this summer.

- REST: Get some sleep! Go to bed earlier Sunday night. The dog days of summer are over. See you at 8:45am Monday!

- Watch this and RELAX! We're gonna make this work and work WELL!

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