The STUDENTS' Choice!

No matter what happens in this school board race, today will be one of my proudest moments. It's certainly one that will remain forever etched in my heart. The email came last night, from MoCo Students for Change:

"After careful consideration, we are incredibly happy to inform you that we will be endorsing you for the at-large Board of Education seat. We believe that you are a truly stellar candidate and that you are the best person for the job."

Against the advice of many - even some in my inner circle - I built my campaign around STUDENTS. #Lynne4Students is more than just a slogan. Elevating student voice is my passion and my purpose. "But most of them aren't old enough to vote," people warned. True - but the teacher and the parent in me said: "How do you run a school system without listening to the people you're trying to educate?" They know more about what's happening in our schools than anyone else.

Students are our customers. They are the heart and soul of our school system. Their voices MATTER. We should LISTEN to them.

I've heard opponents criticize my perspective as letting a bunch of kids make adult decisions. REALLY? Have you MET them? These kids are SMART. They're passionate. They've focused. And if we're not listening to them - that's a problem.

As MoCo Students for Change says in their endorsement: "In a climate where many students' voices are brushed aside or never heard to begin with, Lynne has made her stance very clear. She is unapologetically "Lynne for Students," a candidate who not only values the student voice but has a track record of amplifying it."

MoCo Students for Change was founded after the tragic Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in 2018 Parkland, Florida. They orchestrated peaceful, organized walkouts, lobbying for change. They raised their voices from Montgomery County to Capitol Hill. Our students - including Matt Post, one of the former Student Members of the Board endorsing me - stood with thousands of their peers from all over the country in the "March for Our Lives" calling for common sense gun legislation. The did us proud.

And they didn't stop there. MoCo's fight for social justice has expanded to include advocating and educating on climate change. They organized voter registration drives. in every high school. And - notably in this BOE race - they have pushed for equity in our schools.

"We have testified in front of the Board of Education about the de facto segregation that plagues our county and the need for careful analysis and change," the endorsement says. "Lynne has stood at the very same podium."

I was proud to do so.

And today, I am proud to accept their endorsement. Let's fight on - together!


MoCo Students Endorsement Statement
Download PDF • 23KB

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