Statement on the Arrest of an MCPS Teacher

As a teacher and especially as a parent, I am saddened, concerned - and like many of you, once again shocked - by today's announcement of the arrest of an MCPS teacher and coach on multiple charges of inappropriate sexual contact with a former student. First and most importantly, my thoughts and support are with the student, the family and the families and staff of Lee MS, Watkins Mill HS and Wheaton HS where this employee worked. When something like this happens, it impacts the entire school community.

As a federal attorney for more than a decade I understand that the legal process has to play out, and it's important not to rush to judgement. I also know that we are in the business of protecting students. And EMPOWERING them. It's disheartenening that this happened six years ago and the victim was just recently able to come forward. As a school system, we MUST empower students to speak immediately. We must listen and create an environment where they are comfortable doing speaking up, knowing they will be heard and supported.

When I'm on the Montgomery County Board of Education I am committed to making that happen.

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