Should Teachers Pay More for Insurance in a Pandemic?

The announcement that MCPS is increasing employee insurance premiums by 10% starting January 1, 2021, is more stress that already overstressed MCPS teachers and staff don’t need right now.

With no salary increases of any kind, increased premiums equal a pay cut for the thousands of MCPS employees who purchase their insurance through MCPS plans. If this is a pre-emptive move in anticipation of big COVID-related hits to the county’s economic health, MCPS should commit to reversing the premium hike as soon as the economy evens out.

MCPS shouldn’t stop there. The school system is beginning to work on a substantive plan to provide some in-person instruction for students who most need it, and on options for a wider reopening once our COVID reality makes it safe. With this premium increase, it’s even more important that MCPS look very intentionally at mirroring the hazard-pay structure the County government approved for its employees, and work with the County Council to fund it for MCPS teachers and staff.

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