Lynne's Leading the Pack!

Thanks to your support, Lynne is currently leading the vote count from Tuesday's primary. With a dozen opponents, Lynne has captured more than a quarter of the vote so far. She has 16,460 votes from in-person voting and mail ballots. More ballots are being counted as they trickle in. Results won't be final until June 12. Lynne's lead is 28% of more than 50,000 votes counted so far. Her next closest competitor has earned 18% of the counted vote.



Lynne tweeted her supporters: "To EVERYONE, from every aspect of my life, who sees value in what I can bring to the table, thank you. And to those who said so publicly." She emphasized that her campaign has always been about putting students, and their needs, first.

"Students are the #1 customers of our school system. They know things about our schools that no one else does, and their everyday lived experience in our schools should inform every decision made by the school system.  We can collect all the data that we possibly can - about school climate, student achievement, graduation rates, etc. etc. -- but only students can tell us what the data MEANS. We need a Board of Education that fully realizes the importance of student wisdom, embraces it, substantively in the decision-making process, and commits to partnering with students as the way we do business."

County Executive Marc Elrich was one of the first to publicly endorse Lynne and offered congratulations: "Lynne you have a long history of work and advocacy that, I think, impressed our voters, much as it impressed me."

Council Member Tom Hucker also weighed in. He knows her work. Lynne was Hucker's legislative aide when Hucker served as a member of the General Assembly in Annapolis: "Congratulations Lynne! You earned our confidence through over a decade of disciplined engagement and hard work!"

Council Member Evan Glass, an early supporter, is looking ahead.

"I was proud to be with you at your kickoff and will be with you through the victory party on November 3 (assuming we can have a party)!"

From former MCPS Superintendent Joshua Starr: "Boards of Ed matter more than most people know; you've been a positive force for our public schools for a long time and will make a great BoE member."

Of course, near and dear to Lynne's heart at hte STUDENTS who showed up at the polls and tweeted support throughout the day. Given the opportunity, Lynne says she'll continue to make them the hallmark of her campaign.

"I truly value the student voice, and know that we cannot make the best decisions about our schools without the students sitting at the decision-making table with us. I'm not just saying that. Partnering with students to work on common priorities, standing hip to shoulder with them to speak to the need for true equity in our schools, and working to amplify their voices about every issue they care about - I've been doing that for years.

Lynne appreciates all the congratulations as we await final results - with hopes of continuing her substantive, student-focused campaign into November!

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