LGBTQ Advocate Endorses Lynne Harris

If you care about LGBTQ issues, Lynne Harris is your candidate. She's not just talked the talk, she's walked the walk. That's how she won the endorsement of LGBTQ advocate Mark Eckstein, chair of MCCPTA's LGBTQ committee and founder of the first MCPS-MCCPTA LGBTQIA Forum:

"🏳️‍⚧Lynne Harris is a friend and would be an amazing addition to the MoCo Board of Ed! If it weren't for Lynne and her Leadership as President of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA), there wouldn't be an LGBTQ+ Subcommittee; because of her bold, pragmatic, approach to getting things done, Lynne understood that there was an immediate need to support LGBTQ+ experiences within MCPS. She has a strong passion for making sure LGBTQ+ students/staff/families are affirmed and has a lifelong record of results to prove it!🏳️‍🌈"

Thanks Mark!

Lynne has long been a champion of the LGBTQ community. Perhaps you saw her this month with LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County. Because of her leadership and partnership with Mark, the first MCPS-MCCPTA LGBTQIA Forum became a reality last year.

Lynne was a driving force behind creating MCCPTA's LGBTQ committee (which Mark chairs). She urged him to "think big" and be aspirational. As a result, MCCPTA sponsored students to attend this year's "Time to Thrive" LBGTQ National Youth Conference.

She has supported policy changes, staff training, data collection/surveys and gender-neutral restrooms in schools. Lynne also included the LGBTQ team in decision-making, including Operating Budget workshops and Back to School outreach.

Repeating: if you care about LGBTQ issues, Lynne is the candidate who has consistently advocated for this community.

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