Endorsed by MoCo Student Alliance for Immigration Advocacy

I am thrilled to earn the endorsement of this grassroots student group and look forward to working with them.

"The Montgomery County Student Alliance for Immigration Advocacy (MOCO SAIA) is a student-led organization that works to advocate for immigrant rights, both on a federal and local level. The MOCO SAIA consists of motivated, passionate students of all grade levels, who understand the necessity of strategic action regarding our current immigration crisis. Through putting pressure on governing bodies, we will champion for comprehensive immigration reform while simultaneously breaking the stigma surrounding immigrants, specifically those of a Latino descent. We believe that the United States must return to the days as a haven for the abused, the forgotten, the mistreated. We believe that we are a country made of immigrants, a country that flourishes because of immigrants. We must return humanity to those who come seeking a better life. We must return humanity to ourselves.  Now is not the time for second-guessing - we must stand true to our beliefs and speak for those who so long have been silenced. We are brave; we are bold; we are the voice of the immigrants"

Regarding my endorsement, MOCO SAIA says: "We've looked into her policies. We looked into her as a person and we feel that she would be a great person to have on the board of education. You can hopefully advocate some other things at the local Student Alliance or immigration advocacy has been fighting course for so long."

Thank you!

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