CTE Students In Limbo

Updated: Mar 28

How do you help patients, run a restaurant or build a house when school's closed? Our CTE students are in limbo - including mine. We were in the middle of clinicals when the emergency order came down to close schools to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

I teach in the Academy of Health Professions at Thomas Edison High School of Technology. The state of Maryland requires clinical hours to earn a Certified Nursing or Medical Assistant license. That's not something you can do online. Edison's construction students are building a house. They can't do that online either. Our restaurant management students were just at the point of opening their cafe. Again, not something you can do on a computer. And our cosmetology students - ever try to get a haircut on the Internet?

Online instruction does work for some CTE programs. For example, our CAD (Computer Aided Design) students can complete assignments remotely. But for many, that's not an option.

ICYMI, here's my live Q&A about CTE programs and the challenges we face helping these students get their licenses... when they can't show up for work.

Thanks for your questions. MCPS is still looking for answers.

Lynne Harris


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