Lessons from My First Day of School

The first day of virtual learning brought two words to mind: COMMUNITY and GRACE. There were some technical issues getting 160,000+ students logged into live classes all at once - not unexpected. I saw teachers and students crowd sourcing to connect those who were having trouble. Teachers did their best to troubleshoot on the fly and come up with a work-around. Students and families shared the information quickly with neighbors and friends. And it worked.

MoCo came together and did what we do best: we helped each other

That's why I want to serve on the Board of Education. Our students, our families, our teachers know better than anyone what education really looks like in Montgomery County - and how to make it better. They deserve a voice at the table where decisions are made. As someone who sits in a (now virtual) classroom every day, I want to be that voice

COVID-19 threw us for a loop this year, but we're moving forward. I'm committed to making this work. I've created a discussion assignment for my nursing students asking what they've learned living through a pandemic. One thing I know: they are RESILIENT. I'm looking forward to learning from them.

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